Coming soon to, the green and blue “Space Cadet” hoop!

What about deco tape?

A still shot from our first day of filming for the Hooping Idol Classic Rock Challenge! Spent most of yesterday cruizing the costal road on this hunk o’ metal!

Where can I find grip tape?!


Fantastic fabric hooplaaaaas a la Hiptronic! <3


The results are in for Hip Hop Week on Hooping Idol 4

And we’re off to the next round of Hooping Idol! Thanks to all of the people who voted to help me advance! The next challenge? CLASSIC ROCK.


It’s Hip Hop Week on Hooping Idol! 

The judge’s critiques of my hip-hop hooping video are IN and we did FABULOUS! Big THANKS to all that helped!

40% of my progression to the next round depended on what the judges had to say, but 60% depends on YOU. Click on over to the article on (underlined link above), and you will find me listed at #6. Give the other videos a watch if you would like, then scroll down to the bottom and cast your vote! Voting closes Wednesday 4/16 @ 3pm PST!

For those of you who couldn’t view the video on mobile, the problem has been fixed, so watch away!


A couple of lovely Hiptronic fabric hoops that have found a new home with Darla <3

Posing for a quick photo in between shots for my Hooping Idol Hip-Hop week film sesh! What a dope graffiti piece.