Preparing and photographing the “Green Tea Garden” hoop for listing on!

Your hoops are absolutely amazing!!!! I just started hooping two weeks ago and I'm in love with it. I'm from CT so we just started getting better weather so sometimes it's hard to find places to hoop. Sending good positive vibes your way! =)

Mahaloooo! Receiving and reflecting ♥ ♥ ♥ Sending you a warm breath of hooping Aloha!


Absolutely LOVE my new custom Eye of the Dragonfly minis by Hiptronic Hoops!!! 


Hooping Idol Rocks! It’s Classic Rock Week on Hooping Idol 4. 

\m/ ^_^ \m/ So much righteous rock action in all of these videos! Each and every submission is totally spinspirational, and I am glad to share this virtual stage with such hooptacular talent! Many mahalos to all that have shared their hearts in these videos and for all of the hoopers in the wold receiving our hooplove transmission ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Voting for this week’s Hooping Idol challenge hosted by is open!

If you haven’t already take a moment to watch my video submission created with the love of friends and in the wild, untamed jungles and coasts of Puna paradise! After your eyes and hearts have feasted on our hooping video masterpiece, please click through to this link, scroll alllllll the way down to the bottom and VOTE! There are so many righteously rockin’ videos to choose from!  

I would love to keep sharing spinspirational videos with hoopers across the world, but I can’t do it without your help: ‪#‎TeamSparkFTW‬! Many mahalos to all that are participating, and to all the viewers out there receiving our hooplove transmissions!

The Hiptronic hoop crafting elves are hard at work in the shop!

So, a couple of weeks ago I PUNCHED THROUGH THIS BOARD WITH MY FIST and hadn’t made it around to posting about it until now. RAWR! This feat was a symbolic representation of the power of my own strength, and the ability to transcend perceived boundaries. It was also the same day that I was accepted as a contestant into the Hooping Idol challenge. Synchronistic? I think so!

A quadruple hoopla set: two full size hoops and two mini hoops! A unique and awesome package deal found only at!